Quick and tasty pasta with dehidrated ready sauce!

Fusilli al Pomodoro

Genuine ingredients and passion to prepare a dish
celebrated all over the world, made in Italy to the core.

Genuine ingredients and passion to prepare a dish celebrated all over the world, made in Italy to the core.

Quick and tasty risotto with dehidrated ready sauce!

Discover My Instant Risotto di Canossa!

Risotto al formaggio

Delicious Risotto al Formaggio to be prepeared with boiling
water or using the microwave.
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We only use

high quality ingredients

for a 100% italian taste!

for a 100% italian taste!

My Instant Pasta preserves the quality of the ingredients thanks to the new technologies, to guarantee you an healthy dish prepared according to the best Italian tradition.

The Pasta

The pasta is produced in the Pasta factory adjacent to the Tenuta Cuniola, in San Martino – Ferrara, with the same care and passion we use to produce our Km 0 Pasta di Canossa.

The Cheeses

The Cheeses are carefully choosen to prepeare the different taste of My Instant Pasta sauce, and giving you a 100% natural favor.

The Vegetables

The generous quantity of sauce and its quality contained in each cup, make My Instant Pasta’ tastes unique and creamy.

The Aromas

We use only spices and herbs without palm oil or glutamate to prepare My Instant Pasta’s sauce.


Italian pasta, My Instant Pasta
with ready-made dehydrated sauces

My Instant Pasta represents a great novelty for lovers of pasta and good Italian cuisine. The Canossa family has been a synonym of absolute quality for over a century and has now decided to make excellent products ready to be quickly enjoyed. How? Bringing My Instant Pasta to our tables, in which you can find all the favors and aromas of Italian tradition.

At My Instant Pasta we have created a range linked to tradition and another related to organic. Inside the traditional line you can taste: Fusilli all’arrabbiata, Fusilli with cheese and Fusilli with pesto, and Risotto with Saffron or Mushrooms. Or if you prefer you can try our Fusilli with Cacio e Pepe or Bolognese, or your ideal sauce.

Discover My Instant Pasta di Canossa!

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