Fusilli all'arrabbiata

The sauce of Fusilli all’arrabbiata of My Instant Pasta is made only with 100% natural tomatoes and spices we have taken great care of since their growing period.

Only natural raw materials with no chemical additives or food colours are used in the sauces of our new Instant Pasta.

Fusilli al formaggio

Creamy and tasty cheese for the everyday pasta. Just like home anywhere anytime.

Fusilli ai funghi

All the flavor of mushrooms for a creamy and enveloping taste!

Fusilli al Pesto

Only basil and natural spices are used in Fu- silli al Pesto of My Instant Pasta. A balanced dish, unthinkable out of a strict control of all our production chain.

Fusilli al Pomodoro

Sun-ripened tomatoes sprinkled with grated cheese, a few basil leaves: a typical dish of traditional Italian cooking.