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Fusilli ai Funghi

All the flavor of mushrooms for a creamy and enveloping taste!

Ingredients and average nutritional values

Fusilli ai Funghi


Pasta 71,4% (durum wheatsemolina, water), whey powder, potato starch, processed cheese powder, mushrooms 2,7% (Boletus edulis, Agaricus bisporus), cream powder, salt, onion, yeast extract, maltodextrin, garlic, caramelized sugar, herbs and spices, flavourings, natural flavourings (containing gluten), dextrose, sugar May contain eggs, soybeans, nuts, mustard.

Valori nutrizionali
Nutritional Information
(prodotto finito) - (prepared product) Per 100gr
Energia - Energy 369 kcal/1562 KJ
Grassi - Fat 3,5
di cui saturi - of which saturates 1,9
Carboidrati - Carbohydrates 69
di cui zuccheri - of which sugar 9,4
Proteine - Protein 13
Sale - Salt 2,3
Fibre - Fibers 3,4

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